Current Members

Sara Patterson

Sara Patterson, Ph.D. (The P.I.)

Sara Patterson received her Ph.D. in Plant Breeding and Genetics from the University of Wisconsin. Her past research was instrumental to understanding the genetics of floral organ abscission in Arabidopsis. Her current focus is on supporting outreach efforts of the University in teaching plant science, in addition to applying science's current understanding of abscission processes to economically important crops such as cold-hardy grapes. When not mentoring the lab members or teaching, she can be found cooking and hosting meals, working in her garden, and taking pictures of all things botanical.

Andrew Maule and Janet Hedtcke at West Madison Agricultural Research Station Looking at Table Grapes

Andrew Maule

Andrew Maule is a Horticulture M.S. candidate studying cold-hardy table and wine grapes. His current research focuses on studying the morphology, genetics, and biochemistry of abscission in cold-hardy grapes. When not in the lab, he can be found at the West Madison Agriculture Research Station, designing and updating this website, gardening in his Eagle Heights plot, backpacking, and occassionally foraging.

Edward Woolsey, Ph.D.

Edward Woolsey manages the local Woolsey clan's summer estate, otherwise known as the Horticulture 120 garden. Unlike his brothers, he's perfectly happy being paid in coffee and the bounty of the estate before the fall semester kicks in. He can be found umping a local softball league, planting or transplanting in the D.C. Smith Greenhouse, managing his estate, harassing F.H. King volunteers, or in winter months, idly talking about the nuances of inland freshwater lake ecological systems.

Mike Geiger

Mike Geiger is a Horticulture Master’s candidate, an avid gardener, and a school garden enthusiast. At UW, Mike assistant teaches Survey of Horticulture (Hort120), studies students’ experiences in school gardens, and is working to enhance the Flambeau River Community Growing Center. In his free time, Mike also enjoys preparing delicious foods and drinks and relaxing outdoors with friends and family.

Marc Amante

Marc Amante is a graduate student pursuing his MS in Organic and Sustainable Horticulture by way of an AB in Environmental Studies from the University of Chicago. His research project concerns the landscape qualities and phytochemical properties of the fruit of Wisconsin-native Rosa (rose) species. He currently serves as a Teaching Assistant for Dr. Patterson's Survey of Horticulture course. He is also active in outreach projects, including volunteering at the UW Arboretum and installing/managing a restoration project in Waterloo, WI with mini grant funding from the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems.

Former Members